As the business workplace changes and the need for increased flexibility in how we communicate becomes the reality System Architecture offers Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solutions for businesses to effectively and efficiently manage your data, provide comprehensive security with flexible management options to ensure sensitive company information stays safe and separate from personal data.

Secure Email

offers the ability to isolate business email, calendars, and contacts from private data on the mobile device

  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Native email experience with administrative control
  • Containerize email ideal for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Easily and consistently configure secure email across different OS versions
  • Anti-phishing technology
  • Email Attachments open within the secure container remain encrypted
  • Control data leaving the container

Secure Content Management

allows secure segmentation between personal and business content on users’ mobile devices.

  • Documents are stored securely with AES-256 encryption
  • Distribute files to devices from a central admin interface
  • View and edit text, PDF, and Office documents
  • Corporate Browser for secure access to intranets or corporate websites
  • Access files from cloud storage providers (including WebDAV)
  • Secure Photo takes and stores photos encrypted

Without compromising mobile performance or battery life our solutions offer protection from malicious apps and websites, spam, and antivirus/malware protection that are necessary for organizations of all size to successfully manage your information across company approved mobile devices.

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