Our services allow you to focus on your customers, while we focus on your IT infrastructure. Our team of specialists work together to build, support and maintain your network and servers to ensure the highest levels of up-time, performance and reliability resulting in greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

Network Administration

Our approach is simple: we combine proactive monitoring and maintenance with world-class support, network administration and technology consulting to provide you with the tools and services to run your IT infrastructure. This typically results in reduced IT costs and improved overall performance, a win-win.


Proactive Technology Management

Proactive maintenance of your servers, firewalls, routers and other appliances minimizes unexpected and costly failures and downtime. Our Network Operations team utilizes state-of-the-art tools to monitor and automate much of the maintenance necessary to ensure equipment continues to operate efficiently.


Reactive Support Services

Our Help Desk, located in our Maine office is staffed by our team of seasoned engineers and technical support specialists. Utilizing a sophisticated issue tracking system as well as a voice-over-IP phone system, our team provides the highest level of remote support to your IT head or directly to your end users.


Technology Consulting

Our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) service includes quarterly IT strategy sessions, IT budget planning and assistance with critical IT decisions. This strategic resource combined with our proactive technology management and world-class support provides you the essential services needed to manager your IT infrastructure effectively and efficiently.