Your Business is at Risk— Upgrade to Keep it Secure

Is your business still using outdated systems? Your company could be at risk.

Cyber threats can not only cripple a small and midsize company but also tarnish its reputation. If your company is using outdated legacy devices and running on unsupported versions of Windows operating system, it’s time to upgrade.

Stay on Outdated Systems and Become a Victim of Cyberattacks

In 2018, cyberattacks cost businesses an average of $1.1
per attack. With ransomware attacks and data breaches becoming a
norm of everyday life, keeping your computers secure has become a priority for
businesses. Hence continuing to use outdated systems is not only going to risk
the business but also cost in millions.

After January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft, which means if you are still using Windows 7 post this date, your computers will be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

You will also risk being non-compliant to the industry
regulations, which may affect your customers and thereby your business.

Upgrade and Stop
Worrying About Security

The security benefits of the newest version of Windows are
hard to deny. Old operating systems are slow and become incompatible with
software over time.

The newer version of Windows has improved privacy,
transparency and enhanced security features which makes it a must for every
organization. It also comes with a variety of productivity-boosting features
and functions, making it easier to use.

With only six months to spare, businesses, that have not
planned for an upgrade, should begin to work on a migration strategy.

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