Our team is dedicated to delivering the quality results you expect on-time and on-budget. Successful results can only be achieved when the needs of the client are clearly identified and the right team members have been assembled. The management team at System Architecture will work with you to understand the unique qualities and services that define your organization and its people.

The agile project management style we utilize allows us to collaborate with our clients to plan and document for the steps involved in the project that we know about, but incorporate the nuances that are discovered along the way. With an internally developed CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management) we are able to manage all the details and to monitor the progression of work to ensure the solution is being executed as planned and budgeted.

Key Steps:
  • Initiation and Planning
  • Production and Execution of the Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling of Tasks and Budget
  • Closing and Acceptance of a Completed Body of Work