Communication is key to a successful business no matter what your business is. Whether communicating with suppliers, clients or employees, email has become a principal business tool. Through a technology partnership, System Architecture offers industry leading message archiving and compliance solutions.

Retention and management of communication records is essential to protect your company’s intellectual capital and to ensure compliance with state and local law. Our Message Archiver provides secure, off-site message archiving and long-term storage with on-line access. An authentic copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing hosted exchange email & attachments and any imported legacy email, is captured, replicated and unified in the Message Archiver for rapid web-based search, retrieval & monitoring.

Features include:

  • Secure, centralized, off-site storage
  • Online access to current & historical messages
  • Administrator-controlled access rights
  • Ability to prevent permanent deletion
  • Meets compliance rules for SEC, HIPAA, SOX, etc.
  • Advanced dual encryption
  • Ensure privacy, confidentiality, and non-disclosure
  • Full audit trails & reports on email history

Spam Filtering

Our spam filtering service makes it easy to keep your email free of spam and viruses. With our award-winning service, 99% of unwanted messages never reach your inbox. There is no expensive equipment to install, no cancellation fee and best of all no more junk mail or malicious messages in your inbox.

Email Encryption

Email Encryption encrypts your message when it leaves your mailbox. Only the authorized recipient with the proper password can read the message. Avoid compliance issues and send confidential data with confidence. Add our Email Encryption component and experience true user-to-user encryption with just one click.