In this day and age, an experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO) is critical to any organization. Information is now the life blood of many organizations. With the ever changing IT landscape, growing cyber security threats, and the explosion of big data, having an effective IT leader is imperative.

We understand this challenge, and provide a CIO service to organizations who wish to outsource this critical position to a professional. We provide experienced CIO onsite, virtually or in an interim basis to fulfill the CIO role for as long as necessary. During that time, we work closely with “The Chiefs” (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.) to manage IT initiatives efficiently and effectively.

  • Managing IT Budgets

  • Recommending Technology and Solutions

  • Overseeing the IT Teams and Resources

Our ability to understand technology and communicate with the executive team at a business level puts us in another class.

  • Recommending Solutions to Business Problems

  • Streamlining IT Operations

  • Providing Cost/Benefit ROI Analysis

  • Strategic Guidance