As an IT consulting company, the nature of the work we do changes based on our clients’€™ needs. One of our biggest selling tools is our ability to be nimble with the solutions we provide and the hours that we are available to provide them. Though the majority of our work is completed remotely from either our Windham or Bangor, Maine offices there are occasions when the solution can only be remedied with an onsite visit. Because we can’€™t control when a computer server fails any better than when the phone lines are going to go down we ask our employees to be flexible.

We realize that flexibility is a two-way street and our employees need the ability to balance professional and personal. From offering compensation days to making sure our employees have access to a well-stocked kitchen; providing them with the sustenance they require allows our teams to maintain focus for tight deadlines and off-hour support requests.

System Architecture employees are individuals who enjoy trouble-shooting, researching and collaborating with others to engineer quality solutions. We are a casual good natured group of people who will work tirelessly to support the needs of our clients.

System Architecture Team Anatomy:

  • Coca Cola 36%
  • Pepsi 50%
  • Moxie 36%
  • Tim Horton’s Coffee 43%
  • Tea 43%
  • Ginger Ale 43%
  • Water 50%
  • Mountain Dew 36%
  • Steak 93%
  • Chicken 71%
  • Seafood 79%
  • Pork 71%
  • Vegetarian 29%
  • Cheetos 36%
  • Rock & Roll 79%
  • Country 21%
  • Heavy Metal 43%
  • Classical 43%
  • Reggae 64%
  • Talk Radio 43%
  • Audio Books 43%
  • Disco 21%
  • Oldies 36%
  • Electronic 43%